World famous slot gamblers – Slot games are amazingly popular. 

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Easy to play, easy to understand and simple enough to win o while playing, the once rumble fruit machine may now be an exciting, 3D experience, but it is still a game for the people. You do not need anything else to play except a small budget and some time to kill, making the online slot game at Slotzo one of the most widely accessible and most played methods of gaming anywhere across the world. 

The result of this means that people from all walks of life enjoy slot games, even some world famous slot gamblers like celebrities, actors and the like. In this feature, we will be picking out a few world famous slot gamblers who are known to enjoy a go on the reels. Amongst them, we have the very inventor of the format who, despite being the originator of the game, we assume enjoyed a go on his own creation, too. 

World famous slot gamblers.

Charles August Fey 

This might not be the most familiar or famous name of our list of world famous slot gamblers, but rest assured that Charles August Fey in the most important person we have noted down. For Mr Fey was the man who invented the slot game, way back in the 19th century. 

Then a very simple game, often known as a poker machine, the options were limited and everything was completely mechanical. You might of found his creation in San Francisco bars around the late 1890s, with prizes for winning being something like some free drinks art the bar or even a cigar. While he may not be that well known in popular culture, his innovation and passion for the slot machine makes him a legend of the gambling industry even to this very day. 

Pamela Anderson 

Truly one of the superstars of the 1980s and 1990s, Pamela Anderson burst into the public eye when she starred as a blonde bombshell on Baywatch. The iconic US TV series is a cult classic today and, amongst various other work, Anderson is a known avid gambler who enjoys poker, poker machines and slots. She even has her own game. 

Bruce Willis 

Another star of the 1980s and 90s who is still well-known today, Die Hard legend Bruce Willis is known to love a flutter. There is a story of him once losing $100,000 at an exclusive casino once – ouch. However, when you are as cool as Willis, we are sure you can carry off such a loss and his bank account was probably still big afterwards. Imagine turning to your left and seeing Bruce Willis pushing coins into a slot machine. 

So there you have it, a list of some world famous slot game gamblers. So, the next time you are chasing that progressive jackpot with your own results very much affecting other players online and vice versa, stop and think who else might be playing a slot game at the same time as you. It might just be Pamela Anderson who got that jackpot before you did.