World famous slot gamblers – Famous actors that like slots.

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Do you really think that Charles D. Fey, inventor of the world’s first genuinely the commercial slot machine, had any idea what his Liberty Bell slot machine would start? He must have had a pretty good idea of the money to be made of this device, but we are pretty sure he wouldn’t have expected the extent to slot machines’ success in the 21st Century. 


Thanks to online slots pretty much everyone is spinning the reels in some capacity, hoping for a big win that might just change their life. But it is not only these people that are playing slots, because countless celebrities just cannot get enough of the reel-spinning action either. And these people don’t even need a big win to change their lives, they just love the games – check them out!

Pamela Anderson 

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This Baywatch star and bona fide sex symbol has long been known to love a good old slot gambling session, having been spotted in various Las Vegas casino slots halls over the last few decades. What’s more is that she is actually really rather good as playing slots, as well as a range of other casino gambling games – not just a sex icon, is she? 

The funniest thing is that there have been various Baywatch themed slots to hit the market over the years, and pretty much all of them will owe Pamela Anderson some money, which she can then just use to gamble on them. She has even reportedly been sited playing a Baywatch slot game in Las Vegas bearing her own face, meaning she was quite literally playing an online slot against herself! 

Ben Affleck 

This Hollywood movie star best known for his roles in blockbuster box office smash hits such as Gone Girl and Good Will Hunting, however, he is also a well-known gambling aficionado, with blackjack often being his game of choice. In fact, this man is seriously good at blackjack and has been known to win some astronomical jackpots over the years, with the biggest being a reported $145,000 off of one sole bet. 

Although it is table games such as blackjack that Ben Affleck has proven himself to be a real talent on, the man is also known to love a spot of slot machine gambling, having been spotted various times in casino slot halls. And anyway, who can blame him? If you are that good at blackjack you are bound to have at least a little bit of luck on the slots, are you not? 

David Gest 

David Gest tragically passed away in 2016, but before this he gained a huge amount of notoriety for his gambling exploits. The slot machines were this casino game of choice, and he is reported to have spent hundreds of hours spinning those reels, incurring some pretty hefty losses in the process. 

In fact, it seems as though he lost his self discipline when it comes to gambling in the last years of his life, struggling with addiction.