What is slot variance & how does it affect your winnings.

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For many people, playing online slots is an enjoyable way to pass the time. Online slots do not need any special skill to play, making them one of the simplest pastimes available online. Even in a casino, slot machines are the most popular game. However, a deeper understanding of such a simple game may be important in terms of the players’ enjoyment of the game. It is useful therefore to understand the concept of slot variance.
Slot variance simply refers to the level of risk involved in each game. There are different risk levels involved when playing slots, depending on the machine. Understanding slot variance helps users choose the right machines to play in order to maximize their enjoyment. Three types of risk levels exist: low, medium, and high variance slots.

Low variance slots games

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In low variance slots, the machine provides numerous payout options but the payouts are low.
For players with small budgets for gambling, this category of slot machines is best because it allows players to earn some money with low coin denominations while minimizing their risk of immediately busting out.
Another reason the low variance slot machines are popular is because they usually provide a lot more bonus features and entertainment options. A good example of low variance slots is Theme Park slot from NetEnt. This slot machine features an impressive amount of bonus games that make the game quite entertaining and truly. feels like your in a theme park.

On the downside, however, you can expect the average payout to barely cover the cost of stakes; with the eventual bigger win coming from one of the bonus games.

Medium variance slots games

Screenshot image of the Double Bubble slots game showing the bonus game being triggeredMedium variance slots enable players to earn a combination of low and high payouts from the same machine. For players who want to grow their level of payouts without playing high variance, the medium variance is the best option.
Medium variance machines can allow a player a certain number of minimum wins while still allowing the player to enjoy the occasional opportunity of a higher payout.
Some examples of medium variance slots you can find on our website are:

High variance slots games

Screenshot image of the Raging Rhino slot machine gameHigh variance slots are ideal for players who are ambitious about the jackpot win. Such players can take a bigger risk and wait it out in hopes of clinching a bigger win in the end.
Only players with bigger bankrolls can play the high variance slot, as it requires the biggest amount of bankroll before a big win hits, compared to low and medium types. Bigger risk, bigger reward.
Some examples of popular high variance slots are:

All slot machine players should understand the principle of volatility. It can help them to choose the right kind machine to play. For instance, if a player chooses to play high volatility slots without enough bankroll, it is possible for the player to spend all his or her money quickly without getting any payout.
Understanding slot machine volatility also helps players eliminate any suspicion that the machines they play are rigged. Just like any other game, it is important for players to understand the rules of the game, in order to make their play as enjoyable as possible.