Peggle Masters Summary – Know Their Powers to Score The Highest!

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Double Bubble Bingo

Ok, so you already know by now, there are 10 Masters in Peggle HD each of which possesses a magical power that you are entitled to use depending on which level of the game you are. Each of these masters is ‘unlocked’ as you progress and each of these powers comes in handy based on the characteristics of the level being played.
I’ve arranged all ten masters here in no particular order, so don’t think they will be activated in this manner, but let’s take a look at each of these Peggle Masters and what they can do for your play.

Bjorn Unicorn Master – The Unicorn Super Guide

Bjorn Unicorn master in peggle slots

bjorn unicorn master

The first master I’ll tell you about is called Bjorn Unicorn, which means “bear” but never mind that fact. This Super Guide has the power of showing you where the ball will bounce to after hitting whatever object you aim at.
Unlike games such as Angry Birds, where the trajectory of the bird and the direction in which it will bounce is shown on the screen, in Peggle HD you don’t actually get this visual aid. Instead, you’ll need to mentally draw the projection line and where it will bounce to.
Luckily, with the help of Bjorn you will know for certain which way the ball will go, thus increasing your chances of achieving the play you’re looking for. Of course with some practice, you will learn to do this without Bjorn but some help is always welcome.

Jimmy Lighting – Our Beaver Multiball Master

Jimmy Lighting peggle master bonus gameIf you’re looking for some mad action, Jimmy Lighting can provide some wicked plays. The special power of this master is the ability to throw additional balls into the game when you hit the green pegs.
When you choose to play with Jimmy Lighting every time you hit a green peg the master will add an additional ball into the game, thus giving an extreme experience and of course, you will be clearing more pegs in one go.
To make the most out of its magical power, you’re advice to trigger the magic as early in the game as possible. If you’re looking for the ultimate multi-ball experience, then hit two green pegs in the same shot and you’ll get some massive multi-ball action.

Kat Tut – The Cat with the Ancient Pyramid

Kat Tut peggle master bonus gamesNext in line is the Master Kat Tut, who’s mystifying Magic power is the ability to attach an ancient pyramid to the ball bucket.
Additionally, Kat Tut also extends the edges of the free ball bucket which in turns gives increases your chances of extra bounces and last-minute reprieves.
While it may not seem like much, these two features can really help you out. Admittedly it’s not my favourite Peggle master but that’s just because I favour the more extreme and advantageous masters. If you’re coming from a more Pinball background, I bet you may find a friend in Kat Tut.

Splork Sporkan – The Alien Space Blast

Splork Sporkan peggle master in peggle slotsThis is one of my favourite Peggle Masters! Splork Sporkan is a super advanced alien being with super advanced technology and a super cool name; I mean what’s there not to love?
Our alien master has the ability to activate the pegs around the green peg you hit, thus sparkling the pegs nearby and adding points to your score at the speed of light!
What’s more is that by using the Space Blast to catch the purple pegs you will get even more points. Beware though, purple pegs have the peculiarity of moving around the ‘field’ after each shot, so keep an eye on these for when it moves closest to the green pegs and let the fabulous fireworks begin!
All these advantages are also applicable when you’re playing Peggle slots online. You can read more about this Master and the free spins awarded when using Splork Sporkan in the online slot version.


Claude Lobster – The Flippers’ Master 

Claude Lobster master bonus game in peggle slotsI think this is actually one of the first masters you get to ‘unlock’ but don’t quote me on that one. What I do know is that Claude Lobster, our French Peggle Master, is one of the most handy teachers to use in the game.
Our pinball player friends will surely identify themselves with Claude, as it provides a more similar experience to pinball by adding flippers to the game thus giving you a chance to bounce the ball back up and score more points.
As you will discover by playing Peggle, some masters are more useful than other based on each level. There are some level, for instance, where choosing Claude may in fact work against you due to the layout of the game, but I’ll let you figure that out by playing the game.

Renfield Pumpkin – The Spooky Ball Master

Renfield Pumpkin master bonus game in peggle slotsOur next Peggle Master is the Halloween pumpkin master, Renfield Pumkin. Its magical power is the ability to make the ball go around the screen twice in one shot.
Similar to Jimmy Lighting’s Multi-ball power, Renfield Pumpkin also gives you more value for your balls (?). What I mean is that instead of appearing more balls during the same shot, our pumpkin friend will let your first ball be played and once the ball is gone, it will reappear on top of the screen – as if it were the ‘dead ball’s spirit’ – spooky, I know!
Using Renfield’s powers you can score points like never before and it comes specially in handy in levels with obstacles that usually change the course of the ball in unexpected ways. Try it out, it’s definitely among my very own favourite Peggle teachers.

Tula Sunflower – The Flower Power Master

tula master pegleIt has been reported that Tula Sunflower is the player’s favourite choice among all masters and I think I have to agree with that statement.
The power of the flower is that when you hit a green peg using Tula as your master, the flower will light up 20% of the remaining orange pegs. While this may not seem like much, there’s a great advantage to this. Unlike Splork Sporkan who lights up the pegs nearby, Tula Sunflower will light up 20% of the pegs regardless of where they are located.
This magic power is especially useful when you end up with some hard to get pegs or if you only have few shots left and you reckon you won’t be able to get them all. A word of advice when using Tula Flower’s powers is to save your green pegs for last, in case you end up with a tricky shot.

Warren Rabbit – A Lucky Spin for the Gamblers

warren rabbit masterOur next Peggle Master is one that I reckon most players who enjoy playing video slot games such as Peggle Slots and casino games will definitely like it. Warren Rabbit adds some random action and luck to the game because whenever you hit the green peg, you’ll get to spin the wheel for an unexpected magical power.
The Warren Rabbit can award you with a magic hat, triple scores and more. When activated, Warren Rabbit will display a Wheel of Fortune on the screen for you to spin. Spin the wheel and reveal your good fortune.
Unlike other Wheels of Fortune games where one or some of the options will see you walk away from the game empty-handed, with Warren’s Wheel of Fortune you’re guaranteed to always win. If you’re looking to spice up your game, I recommend you give our Rabbit Master a try.

Lord Cinderbottom – The Fireball Spitting Dragon Master

lord cinder peggleAs the name suggests this Peggle Master has the power to spit fireballs which ferociously burn through the entire board and all pegs in the way.
Furthermore, during the Lord Cinderbottom play, the free ball bucket will be covered and the fireball can be bounced off of it; time your shots with precision and your supremacy will be assured.
To be honest this is not my favourite Peggle master, although my 4 year old loves it – I reckon Dinosaurs and Dragons are quite a hit with children. Nothing personal or against our Dragon friend but I just think you get more value for your power using other Masters but you’ll be the judge!

Master Hu – The Zen Ball Owl

master hu peggle slotsIf you’re into meditation or on the so-called ‘spiritual journey’, you will most likely identify yourself with the Zen Master Hu.
Unlike most Peggle Masters whose power become available right at the moment of hitting those green pegs, with the Zen master the magic will come in your next shot. Hit the green peg and you will be blessed with a superior power to achieve oneness, goodness and harmony.
Alright, maybe you won’t get all that but what you will get is a divine intervention which in turn will improve your shot to give you the best possible combination to achieve the highest score possible.
Ok, so here you have it. My very own abstract on the ten Peggle Masters. I hope you enjoyed the reading and most of all, I hope this information comes in handy when choosing which master to choose. In the end, the best way to get to know them all is of course by downloading and playing Peggle HD.