How to unlock bonuses playing Peggle slots? Find out inside!

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Double Bubble Bingo

In an earlier post we highlighted the top 10 tips for playing Peggle and improve your game. Today we’re going to focus on How to unlock the bonuses in Peggle slots to get even more points.
Unlock Peggle Masters for more bonus gamesYou should note that we’re not talking about the bonuses in the Peggle video slot game but rather the bonuses in the Peggle HD game. If you would like to know more about unlocking the different bonus games in Peggle Slots, please visit our Peggle slots review here.
There are different bonuses you can activate in Peggle HD, some award you more credits than others and some are easier to unlock than others but in the end, all of these bonuses will help you improve your game and get to the top of the leaderboard charts.

The SKill Shot Bonus

You can unlock the Skill Shot Bonus by getting a Free Ball after hitting only one peg. How so? Well, every time you shoot a ball and this ball ends up INSIDE the Free Ball Bucket moving back and forth at the bottom of the game ,you are given a Free Ball. So to get the Skill Shot Bonus all you need to do is hit ONE peg and then have the ball fall inside the Free Ball Bucket. This will give you not just a Free Ball but the Skill Shot Bonus too!

The Big Bang Bonus 

The Big Bang Bonus is one of the most spectacular bonuses you can trigger playing Peggle. It can only be done while having Splork Sporkan as your active master in the level. This master’s special power is the Space Blast which activates all near-by pegs when hitting the green peg. To activate the Big Bang Bonus, you’ll need to set off two Space Blasts in one turn. Do this is and you will set off a true Supernova!

The Long Shot Bonus

Activating this bonus will not come easily, maybe that’s why they chose to call it The Long Shot Bonus. To trigger this bonus you will need to bounce off the ball from a non-blue peg to another non-blue peg far away at the start of a shot. Sound hard? It actually happens more often than you’d think but hey, it’s still a long shot.

Getting a Free Ball Bonus

Ok, this is not exactly a bonus but it will definitely lead to bonus points since you’re getting an additional ball ‘for free’. Whenever you score more than 25,000 on one single shot, you will be awarded a Free Ball. Score over 75,000 on one shot and you’ll get two Free Balls and if you score more than 125,000 you will be given three Free Balls. You can then use the additional Free Ball(s) to clear more pegs and score points that you would have not been able otherwise, thus giving you ‘bonus points’.

Score 25k+ Points Bonus

Scoring over 25,000 points in one single shot may not be so obvious at first, so I going to let you in in a little secret. At the point in the game where blue pegs are worth 10x, you can aim your shot so that it hits the purple peg plus at least another four pegs. If you manage to ge this, you will get at least 25,000. Neat, uh?
All right, since we’re talking about bonuses, I’m going to give you a bonus tip here. One of the easiest ways to boost your score is to make your best to clear all pegs in each level using as few balls as possible. Why? Because you will be awarded 10,000 points for each remaining ball that you have left in the Ball-O-Tron after completing a level. Easy, uh? Just don’t let this stop you from using your extra balls for trying crazy shots and hone your skills, as we learnt in our How to Play Peggle Guide.
Now that you’ve learned How to unlock more bonuses playing Peggle, what are you still doing here? Go play Peggle slots online and put this knowledge into practice and get yourself to the top of that Peggle leader-board; I dare you!