The Most Common Player Slot Excuses

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No matter how often a player wins at a slot machine game there will be a time that the player loses too. It doesn’t matter how experienced they are, how often they play, if they frequent the same casino to play or use the same device if it’s online at Slots Baby, at some point there will be a loss.

There is a variety of different emotions after a loss on any kind of casino game, whether it be a table game or a slot machine, the player’s who play for fun are usually the player’s who can walk away and put it down to experience.

However, it’s usually these players that have set a budget and stuck to their budget and see their time in the casino as a fun way to spend an evening but the more serious player’s can go through a mixture of emotion, some may feel disappointment, some may feel anger and resentment and some player’s may look for excuses because they cannot take responsibility for having lost a game.

So what can the player’s blame for not winning a game? The most obvious one is, of course, the actual slot machine. Frequent players will have their ‘lucky machines’, which in actual fact are not lucky at all. All slot machines will have their moments where a player will be successful and win.

However, this does not mean that the slot machine is a lucky one just that at that point the player was lucky not the machine. That said, if a player wins frequently on one machine they will always think of it as their lucky machine and therefore when they lose they will blame the slot machine and not take responsibility for their loss.

Another common excuse is to blame the actual casino. Historically, some casinos were known to fix their slot machines and cheat the players not just on slot machines but also on table games. However, this is quite rare now as any casino found cheating their players would automatically lose their license. When a player loses though and can’t take the responsibility for the loss then they are inclined to blame the casino.

A casino wants its players to lose, after all that is how the casino makes its money, so they subtly encourage the players to keep playing with various different techniques such as pumping oxygen in to the air to keep the players awake and alert as most casinos are open throughout the night, the casino will also ensure there are no clocks on the walls and usually no windows so a player loses sense of the time. That said a casino will not fix its machines or table games to win, they are cleverer than that.

And lastly players have been known to believe the slot machine has a malfunction. Again, its not very often this happens but the player needs something or someone to blame other than themselves. Slot machines are tested continuously and therefore any fault would be extremely rare.

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