Slot Machine Cheats From The Past

You may be against cheating, but let’s face it, cheating will always occur when there’s money at stake, this is especially the case with slot machine back in the day.

In this article, we’ll be covering the most famous ways cheeky punters have been able to cheat their way to a jackpot win! Of course, we are not telling you cheating is right, but it doesn’t hurt to know how it’s done – learn more at Easy Slots.

Slot machine cheats from the past - cheeky punters to win a jackpot

Slot machine origins

Since the beginning of the slot machine, players found a way to invent devices to help them cheat their way to greater payouts. Back in the day, slot machines were simple and didn’t have any fancy, modern, computer technology, and this meant they were easy to trick and cheat on. These inventions ranged from the intelligent to basic tools, either way, punters found a way to cheat the system, and they took advantage of this.

At the simple end of cheating inventions, many cheats crafted tools using wire coat-hangers, magnets or coins on string. But there were also better equipment knocking about like the famous Monkey’s Paw and the Light Wand.

Monkey’s Paw Slot Cheat

The Monkey’s Paw was a very famous tool for those cheating on slot machines, yet it was only made from steel with a hook at one end. Fortunately, this simplicity made it super simple to use, all a player needed to do was stick the claw into the machine’s payout shaft, and the Paw would prop open the coin door. This meant even when a player would only win a few pounds on a spin, the claw would let more coins through and they’d always hit the jackpot!

The coat-hanger method, despite its simplicity, worked in a very similar way to the Monkey’s Paw but was more DIY, perfect for those in need of winning a jackpot. The inventor of the Monkey’s Paw, Carmichael was a famous cheater who also invented the Light Wand. This invention helped the player to trick the sensors with lights which would trigger a win with barely any effort.

Coin & String trick for fruit machines

You’ll definitely have heard of the coin on a string trick before. It’s a cheat as old as time and perfect for those wanting to strike lucky without paying into the pot. Using this coin method, a players would trick the machine into thinking they had paid for a spin.

Except the coin never goes into the machine because it’s always tied to a string. All the cheaters needed to do is pull it out of the device last minute, to be in with the chance of winning some free gold!

Remember back in the day when kids would always mess up your TV screen with a magnet? Well, you can also use a magnet to mess with a players chances of winning on the slots. All they needed is take their magnet and use its magnetic power to align the symbols on the wheels of the machine to winning combo of their choice.

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