Slot Bonanza Cheats – Use our codes to claim free coins & gifts.

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Slot Bonanza is an unconventional online casino. The reason why we term Slot Bonanza an unconventional online casino is down to the simple fact that it only comes in the form of an app with no supporting website. Most online casinos though they do have their own mobile apps do come with websites also. However, this is not the case with Slot Bonanza, players can only access Slot Bonanza via their mobile devices provided they run on Android or IOS operating devices.

The mere fact that Slot Bonanza differs from other online casinos should not push away players as there is so much to love when accessing the Slot Bonanza app. For starters, the Slot Bonanza app is a free app meaning that the player does not have to pay any money in order to download it from the Play Store, App Store or any other website that offers the app. Additionally, another beauty of the Slot Bonanza app is that it comes with high-quality online slot machines hence players will have a worthwhile experience as they spin the reels.

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Slot Bonanza Cheats

Focusing on the latter reason given above i.e. the beauty of the Slot Bonanza applying in the high number of top quality online slot machines that it has to offer, this article is going to share with all Slot Bonanza players insightful cheats which aid them to get more out of the Slot Bonanza app. In general, the cheats that are going to be explored below largely touch on how players can maximize their profits when playing the Slot Bonanza casino app.

Cheat 1: Use Cheat Codes.

We have already outlined the fact that Slot Bonanza is an unconventional casino. Well, staying in line with ‘unconventionality’, our first cheat is going to explain how players can maximize profits when playing slot games via Slot Bonanza through the use of unconventional cheat codes.

The cheat codes to be shared below are unconventional in the sense that they are not perfectly legal. However, though this is the case, the cheat codes are highly effective hence players who use them will definitely reap some huge benefits.

Cheat codes allow players to buy all in-app features including coins without using their own hard earned cash. In essence, this, therefore, means that if players use these cheat codes, they will be able to start their gaming adventures with zero ‘capital’ hence any win that they may get during their gaming session will amount to 100 percent profits!

Incredible isn’t it. Well, many are already wondering why we are taking so long to reveal the magic numbers that allow them to acquire coins for free.

Not to keep you waiting, here are the magic Slot Bonanza cheat codes numbers:

  • efPh56HN1fQW5Lg_3f
  • Nn5QIi83VGeh7Qp_zI
  • NXUPmuIOqnLsPYD_vo
  • qx4ei5jY47XUpea_be
  • xScwRuXxIceYZbf_vh
  • xScwRuXxIceYZbf_vh

Using any of the above cheat codes will see the player receiving ‘free’ coins. Players who do decide to use the above cheat codes ought to know that they do not come with any borning viruses nor do they require the player to root his phone at first.

As already stated, the above cheat codes can be used with all players who access the Slot Bonanza app using mobile devices that run on either Android or IOS operating devices; the app is accessible also on tablets and the iPad.

Cheat 2: Claim Free Coins   

Another great way to earn some Slot Bonanza free coins is to simply claim them. Yes, as simple as that, players can just claim free coins and they will receive them! Well, the only tricky part is that players can claim the free coins immediately after they open their Slot Bonanza app account. Slot Bonanza allows players to immediately start spinning the reels of various online slot machines as soon as the player downloads the app.

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However, if the player takes this route, it’s impossible to claim free coin. In order to claim free coins, after downloading the app, the player must not head straight to the casino lobby to select a game to play but rather, he has to create an account first.

The advantage of doing so, of course, is the simple fact that upon account registration completion, he will be given an option to claim some free coins as a welcome gesture.

While the opportunity to claim free coins is predominantly one catering for the newly registered players, regular players also ought to know that there is something for them. However, for regular players, they can only claim free coins at certain times i.e. when Slot Bonanza has some promotions on offer. Currently, there is the Beverage Day promotion which awards lucky players free coins!

To stand a chance of winning the free coins in the Beverage Day promotion, players have to try and spot all mugs of beer in a picture that will be presented to them. If players successfully do manage to spot all the beer mugs, they will be awarded a random number of free coins which they can use in playing a game of their choice at Slot Bonanza.

Cheat 3: Social Media Gifts and Freebies.

Almost all year round, Slot Bonanza has ongoing social media promotions where players can enter and stand a chance to win gifts and freebies which often times come in the form of free coins. In order to stand a chance of winning the gifts and freebies, players have to connect and follow all Slot Bonanza social media pages including the Twitter and Facebook pages.

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After following, players have to make sure that they constantly check what’s happening on the Slot Bonanza social media streets. Whenever a new promotion is open, players can enter and stand a chance to win some incredible gifts and freebies.

Cheat 4: Gifts Exchange

It’s not always the case that when players participate in Slot Bonanza social media promotions they will win free coins, in some cases, players will win other non-monetary prizes.

If this is the case, players can take advantage of gift exchange sites so that they can exchange their gifts for free coins from those who have extra free coins. Peoples’ Gamez Gift Exchange website is one such gift exchange site that players can visit.

Cheat 5: Return to Player percentages 

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With this cheat, players will have to use their own coins at first. However, if players have mastered this cheat and they do incorporate it in their gameplay, it has the ability to increase the player’s probability of winning by a high margin.

What the player needs to know before incorporating this cheat in his gameplay is game volatility.

Game volatility basically refers to the frequency with which one wins when playing a particular online slot machine. This, therefore, means that when the winning frequency is high, then the game is a low volatility game and if the frequency of winning is low then the game has high volatility.

It’s important for the player to know the volatility of each game that he wants to play as this will guide him in his selection i.e. choosing the games with the highest returns hence more profits.

As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable for the player to go for low volatility games if one has a limited number of coins and to go for high volatility games if the player has a high number of coins.

If you’d like to follow up on this hack, check out our Tiki Island slots cheat sheets which meets this low volatility requirement.

Cheat 6: Third Party Promotions

The popularity of the Slot Bonanza app has led many individuals and companies to seek affiliate relationships with Slot Bonanza. Having successfully negotiated to become affiliates of Slot Bonanza, the companies, in turn, devise creative and innovative promotional offers which offer players the opportunity to win free coins.

Players simply have to enter the promotions which are offered by the third party affiliates and in some cases complete the tasks that they are required to complete. When they do, they instantly receive free coins which they can in turn use when playing Slot Bonanza games.


Slot Bonanza is undoubtedly one of the most popular online casino apps that players can access today. This popularity is as a result of a number of factors chief among them being the availability of high-quality online slot machines and also the app’s ability to work in almost all territories in the world.

Just to put this into perspective, players ought to know that the following games can be accessed on the Slot Bonanza app:

  • Juego De Amor slot, Double Dragons slot, Jumping Pumpkins slot, Halloween slot, Alien Spacevasion slot, Space Adventures slot, Star Wars slot, Diamonds of Egypt slot, Diamond Sky slot, Win Everyday slot, Floating Islands Puzzle, Holiday Word Search, Bunny Hop Rabbit slot, Egypt’s Secrets slot, Vegas Spin, Mighty Zeus slot, Magic Genies slot, Flying Money Sacks slot, and Mystery Boxes slot.

With such an incredible array of top quality online slot machines, it’s only sensible that players straight away incorporate the cheats outlined above and head over to the Slot Bonanza app so that they start their enterprising gaming adventures.