Play Secrets of the Phoenix slot – Review, where to play, RTP & biggest win.

Secrets of the Phoenix slot review.

We’ll kick-start this secret of the Phoenix slot review by mentioning that the symbols consist mainly of statues, or totem poles, or columns of walls, in order to evoke a greater feeling of awe for the mythical periods of old. The game design is nothing too flashy, I’d probably say it’s from the older batch of the Gamesys portfolio of games.

The Secrets of the Phoenix slots machine is rather pretty simple, with just the right amount of visual and sound effects in order to make it unobtrusive and easy to withstand (as most other slot machine games will give their best to tear out your eyes and ears with their visual and sound effects).

You don’t even get to hear music. It’s hardcore slot machine gaming at its finest. Though to be fair, there’s a certain melody that you get to enjoy in the bonus levels, but more on that later on.

Secrets of the Phoenix free spins, fixed paylines, coin sizes.

Secrets of the Phoenix slots

Logo image of the secrets of the phoenix game

Secrets of the Phoenix slots Features

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 25
  • Coins: 25p - £5
  • Variance: Medium
  • Wilds: All - Cascading Wilds
  • Scatters: n/a
  • Bonus Game: 25 Free Spins
  • Jackpot: £10,000
  • RTP: 94.97%

Secrets of the Phoenix slots Basics

  • Game Type : Cascading Wilds
  • Software : Gamesys

There are the pay lines as well – a classical instrument in most all of the slot machine games, especially the online ones. They vary in various games, and in this game, their number is 25. In some other games, you have the option to modify the number of pay lines you’re willing to play on – but in this game the number is fixed at 25.

This means that you’ll enjoy faster and more enjoyable gameplay, and you’ll be able to win bigger prizes a lot more frequently. I myself enjoy this type of gameplay as I find the other type drawn out and boring. And with 25 pay lines you’ll be set at super high speed to enjoy the winnings – it’s a hardcore slot machine gamer’s dream.

Of course, the flip side to this is that you’ll need to place bigger bets at the beginning, but luckily the coins you can use to place them as bets are easily modified, from 0.01, to 8. These are all multiplied by 25 (the number of pay lines) and thus you’ll get a game at an extremely fast pace.

If you’re looking for something more low variance, you probably want to try a game like Crown of Egypt slot machine with a Multiway feature and 1,024 winlines.

Secrets of the Phoenix mobile version & graphics.

Many people nowadays use their mobile devices far more than they use their home computers or laptops. Personally, I use my iPhone for almost everything I do online except work; if you’re like me and you prefer to play Secrets of the Phoenix mobile slots on your iOS or Android device you should know that it offers a really good experience.

The Secrets of the Phoenix mobile slot game run smoothly and it’s pretty much the exact same version with crispy graphics and details animations; so there’s a very little compromise. If you’ve played slots on mobile before you know they usually compress the coins, paylines and payouts buttons into a single one.

Depending on your mobile device, its screen size and capacities the Secrets of the Phoenix slot will display a bit differently; the smaller the screen the lesser engaging the experience could be.

Honestly, I find that Apple mobile devices and top-of-the-shelf Android devices provide the best experience and most reliable platforms for playing slots on mobile. After all, you do not want any malfunctions happening if you hit the Jackpot.

So what about the graphics in this video slot from Gamesys? What separates the Secrets of the Phoenix slots game from all the other slot machine games in existence? Well, as we’ve mentioned the core of the various slot machine games is the same – you pull a lever and you see combinations of symbols spinning, and then you see whether you win a prize. Simple as that.

But this game has its own unique quirks that make the experience of playing it all the more exciting. As it happens with other games like the Houdini slot machine, the design and theme of the game make a huge difference. The difference between them is the bonus games; a win for  Houdini slot.

And the Secrets of the Phoenix slot game is designed around the theme of – you guessed it – the mythical creature called the Phoenix. Now I’m no mythology expert, and to be fair the choice of the theme for the game design doesn’t have a big influence on how the game works – but a phoenix is a bird that burns with fire, and once it burns itself away, it rises from the ashes again.

Why would they choose the Phoenix as the symbol of this slot machine game? Who knows. But I bet it is because it’s so damn cool.

Secrets of the Phoenix demo.

We’ve taken some screenshots of the Secrets of the Phoenix demo game to show you the graphics of the game. Unfortunately, Gamesys does not make available any demo games for players or users to host anywhere else.

If you’re looking to play Secrets of the Phoenix demo game all you need to do is sign up for free to any of the bingo rooms or casino sites with Secrets of the Phoenix here.

Fill out your details, head to the slots games section and fire up the game. You’ll be able to play it for free without deposits but obviously, you won’t be winning any real cash prizes.

Cascading Wilds & Free Spins.

Now, the Secrets of the Phoenix slots machine works on the cascading principle. It means that once you’ve hit a combination of three or more symbols of the matching type, other symbols fall into their place and they are in turn checked on whether they match the remaining symbols. If this is the case, new symbols take their place and so on.

Watch what happens once you manage to make a cascade of 4 or more times. It might sound complex, but trust me, once you get to enjoy the increase of your winnings without even pulling the lever, you’ll know that there is a God.

And on top of that, you get the Secrets of the Phoenix free bonus level, where you get a certain number of FREE spins and you can receive even more:

  • Four cascading wins – 7 free spins
  • Five cascading wins – 10 free spins
  • Six cascading wins – 15 free spins
  • Seven cascading wins – 20 free spins
  • Eight cascading wins – 25 free spins

What’s the Secrets of the Phoenix RTP %?

And a final note on which we’ll end this review, in good Samaritan taste – if you decide to play with real money, then be extra careful lest you should gamble them all away.

Slot machine games should be acknowledged for what they are – a fun and exciting way to pass the time, and perhaps even win some money. But many people have made the mistake thinking that they’ll get rich from the slot machines.

And sadly, most of the time this simply isn’t true. While Secrets of the Phoenix slot game has a high payout rate of 94.97%, it still means that out of every 100 dollars you’ll (most often) get 94.97 dollars back. So invest your money wisely, and if you can do this, then you’ll have a wonderful time playing this great slot machine game.

If you’re fishing for more games with high RTP, bonus games with guaranteed instant cash prizes and frequent payouts, try the Tiki Island slot machine. It’s available for as low as 20p per spin or as much as £200 per spin for the serious High Rollers.


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