Play Slots For Money – The Skill Stop & Bankroll Management

Screenshot image of the home screen of Play Barnyard Bonanza slots online

Online slot machine games are the most popular casino game played the world around. These fun and entertaining games offer nowadays lots of betting options, free spins, bonus games, Auto Spin features and sometimes the so-called Skill Stop.

Some players, especially those who don’t understand completely the mechanics of the game, believe that using the Skill Stop feature will actually help them win more often and be in control of the game. But is there anything to this Skill Stop feature that really helps players win more often? Let’s have a look and find out just how effective Skill Stops truly are.

Controlling the Game using the Skill Stop

The reason why more experienced slots players like using the Skill Stop it’s because it enables them to control the outcome of the game… least in theory. You see, in online slots the outcome of the game is determined by a random number generator within thousands of a second, so timing up the Skill Stop to get the results you want each time it’s pretty hard.

Now, many players argue that they can, in fact, influence the game by using the stop option and this is actually true. When you use the skill stops you do get a different result than if you just let the game go after spinning. So this option does allow you to influence the game but in the end it boils down to that lucky spin that will boost your bankroll!

Deploy a Sound Bankroll Management Strategy

A sound bankroll management will improve your game and can ultimately increase your winnings when you play slots for money simply because it allows you to keep playing for much longer without going bust. The goal is to stretch your bankroll to give you more chances of hitting as many winning combinations as possible.

A good advice is to look for the slot games that have the best payouts and most winning combinations. Also, an instant way to increase your budget is to get a massive welcome bonus offer that will double or triple your first deposit and gives you more money to play slots.

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So, even though the skill stops are not going to have a huge impact on the number of jackpots you’re going to win, it definitely adds to the thrill of spinning the reels and seeing the winning symbols line up.

Choosing the Right Slot Games to Play

Our last point on playing online slot games for real money is knowing which games to play. This is especially true if you’re new to the game. It’s not the same to play a high variance slot game than playing a low variance one, The high variance games typically require a bigger bankroll to be able to afford those losing streaks while the lower variance slot games will usually provide more consistent winnings and thus provide you with longer playing sessions with a more humble bankroll size.

If you check out our Slot Game Reviews section you can sort out the games based on your preferred level of risk: low, medium-low, medium, medium-high or high variance slot games. Tiki Island slots , Peggle Slots, Double Bubble slot, Cleopatra 2 slots, Rainbow Riches slots, The Million Pound Drop slot and Pixies of the Forest slot are all great games that are fun to play and can provide hours of entrainment and hold the potential for fantastic winnings.

Hopefully, this advice will come in handy the next time you’re playing online slots for real money. Always remember that losing is part of the game and you should always expect that to be the final outcome. Remember we’re playing slots for the fun and thrill they provide and not as a second job or to pay off your debts. Play smart and enjoy your game!