Unlock a different bonus game with each Master in Peggle slots.

Peggle Slots

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Peggle Slots Features

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 50
  • Coins: 1p - £1
  • Slot Variance: Medium
  • Wild Reels: All
  • Scatter Reels: All
  • Bonus Game: Unlimited free spins
  • Top Jackpot: £25,000
  • RTP: 95.15%

Peggle Slots Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Gamesys
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Have you ever played Peggle Slots online? In this amusing online game, you must clear all the orange pegs with the help of ten Masters. If you have played in at the pub, then you should have experienced by now the powers of these whimsical teachers. In Peggle Slot they are present to give you free spins, multipliers, wilds, and a bunch of more great bonuses, so you can win up to £25,000!

You can use the following Coin Sizes to play: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10 p, 20 p, 50 p, and £1. It has a board of 4×5 reels and you´ll get to choose the number of pay lines (10, 20, 30, 40 or 50). The more win lines you bet on, the more chances you acquire of winning on each spin. And if you choose to bet, for example, 20p per line and on 20 lines, you’ll be getting £4 per spin, because the coin size is always multiplied by the number of lines played.

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Peggle Slots Symbols

Playing Peggle Slots is simple. You just click spin and try to get the more alike images in the pay lines. The value of these images is related to the ones of the Standard 52-card deck where the most valuable Peggle slot symbols are K and A, then Q and J, and finally 10 and 9.

Angel and devil-like spheres and the Gold and Silver Ying-Yang trophies can also make you win when repeated at least two times in the win lines.

There are also some special images, like the Extreme Fever card, which gives you a Free Game Bonus, and the Wild Star, which acts like a wildcard that substitutes any symbol.

Peggle Nights: The Peggle Slot Bonus Game

Once all ten masters are unlocked, the power of Grand Master Marina releases the locked version of the game Peggle Nights. The great master Grand Marina can launch the power of any master on any spin, offering the opportunity to achieve even bigger wins as any bet is doubled at Peggle nights.

And as you have unlocked this bonus game, now you will be able to switch between Peggle Slot and Peggle Night Game whenever you want. Remember that every time you unlock a master or a bonus game this is saved on your account, ready for you to star playing right where you left off.

The Peggle Masters and their powers.

When you achieve different goals throughout the game, Peggle Masters make their appearance to give you an extra boost. The first Master is unlocked when launching the game for the first time, as simple as that!

Other ways of unlocking masters are when: collecting five consecutive winning spins, triggering the bonus for the 20th time, including all 50 pay lines in a single win, getting the bonus on two spins in a row, achieving a bonus win 100 times greater than the total bet, and obtaining every possible payout combo listed in the pay table.

You unlock masters even when you get consecutive losing spins (10, 12, and 15)!

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