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Lottoland review – Play the best lotto games from around the world.

The lottery game is perhaps the most widely accepted and played gambling game the world around. Most countries, at least in the western world, have had a lottery game for their citizens for decades but there’s a new service to play lottery which is much newer: LottoLand.

Keep on reading this Lottoland review to find out the full details on this innovative way to buy tickets online, bet on the best lottery games available and win it big playing lotto games.

Who is Lottoland?

Logo image of LottolandLottoland is not a franchise of the National Lottery, it’s an online company which offers players an unparalleled opportunity to bet on the winning numbers of the most popular lottery games in the world.

The main difference between buying your lottery tickets from Lottoland or from your local street retailer is that with the latter you can only play the lottery games available for your country, whereas with Lottoland, you can bet on the outcome of lotto games from other countries.

This translates in an unmatched opportunity to play the most lucrative and popular lottery games from around the world. Additionally, players have a real chance to win massive Jackpot prizes which are just as big as the actual lottery Jackpot prize.

But that’s not the best part about playing lottery at Lottoland. Unlike your local retailer, Lottoland is not a state-owned franchise of any government, this means that you have an opportunity to win a twice as much money playing lotto. How can you win twice the amount, you ask? Well, carry on reading this Lottoland review to learn more.

Which games are available at Lottoland?

Lottoland is continuously adding new lottery games to the mix but at the time of writing this Lottoland review I found there are four different games available: PowerBall, EuroJackpot and the MegaMillions lottery game.

PowerBall Lottery

Logo image of PowerBall lotteryThe PowerBall lottery game is the lottery game with the highest paying Jackpot prize in United States. Now for the first time, players from United Kingdom can simply go online and buy their way in to this super popular lottery game AND WITHOUT having to pay up the US tax on it!

MegaMillions Lottery

Logo image of MegaMillions LotteryDo you know the MegaMillions? No?? Well the Megamillions still holds the record for being the lottery game which has paid out more Jackpot prizes than any other in the globe and you could be the next Jackpot winner.

EuroJackpot Lottery

Logo image of EuroJackpots LotteryThe EuroJackpot can also be played at Lottoland. This lottery game is unique in that is a cross-country Jackpot made up from 14 different European countries including Spain, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Italy and more. The Jackpot cash prizes offered at EuroJackpot normally range between €12 and €100 million in cash prizes.

These are just some of the most popular lotto game offered at the site, for a more detailed list of games please visit this Lottoland review and get a bonus ticket when you join.

How does LottoLand operate?

As I mentioned before, Lottoland is not in any way related to the UK National Lottery. It’s an established company which is also subject to licensing and regulation from the toughest regulating bodies, thus ensuring fair play.

That being said, at Lottoland you won’t be buying tickets to ‘the actual UK lottery’, instead you will be placing bets on the outcome of such lottery game (there are several to choose from) for a chance to win a Jackpot prize which is just as big as the actual state lottery game.

How is Lottoland better/different from local franchises?

Let me explain further in case it’s not very clear. Playing lotto at Lottoland is exactly the same as playing at your local franchise except that when you win at Lottoland, the Jackpot prize money will NOT come from the government but from Lottoland instead.

Let me give you an example:

  • You go to your local retailer and pick your lucky numbers for this Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw. Say you picked numbers: 4, 16, 29, 31, 41 & 45. You pay your £2 and go home.
  • You get home and go online to  You head over to the UK Lotto game section and pick the exact same numbers ( 4, 16, 29, 31, 41 & 45). You pay your £2 (yes, tickets cost just the same with some exceptions) and submit your numbers.
  • On Wednesdays night, you’re watching the draw on BBC One and you see your numbers come up. Let’s assume you got super lucky and you matched all six numbers. You won the lottery Jackpot!
  • Let’s say that the Jackpot prize for the UK Lotto game on that particular draw was £25 million. This means that the National Lottery will pay you out £25m BUT because you also played the same numbers for the same game and the same draw at Lottoland, then Lottoland will pay you ANOTHER £25m. So you end up winning a hefty £50m Jackpot prize!

This is the main the reason why playing lotto games at Lottland can be so attractive. By simply adding another £2 to your wager gives you a real chance to WIN TWICE AS MUCH money as you would typically do if you had just played at your local retailer.

So here are a few facts about playing at Lottoland:

  1. The cost of placing one bet (buying one lotto ticket) will typically cost you as much as buying the same ticket at your local retailer, although there are some exceptions.
  2. The Jackpot prize for any lottery game at Lottoland will normally be as big as the original lottery game. Then again there are some exception.
  3. Lastly, any players who win the Jackpot at Lottoland are treated as if they had hit the Jackpot in the underlying state-owned lottery game.

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