How to win at slots in 5 easy steps. Find out inside!

So you want to know how to win at slots online for real money, uh? Great! We’ve put together a very simple 5-steps guide that covers the basics of how to play these popular casino game the smart way! Let’s get started!


Step 1: Play slots with High payouts.

Online slots are games of luck, so the smartest thing to do before you play slots for money, it’s to pick those slot games that offer the highest return on stakes.

Thanks to the high competition in the online casinos arena, players don’t need to settle for low-paying games as it happens on land-based casinos.

You can choose between many casinos and play only at those sites where slot games offer the highest payout rate. The following are some of the most popular and highest paying online slot games:

NetEnt RTP

WMS, Playtech RTP

Step 2: Play Progressive Jackpot slots with small coins.

Online progressive Jackpots are a fantastic way to make the most out of your slot session and they offer life-changing cash prizes for your money.

To decide which progressive Jackpot to play, the best thing to do is to look for a progressive that it’s available on one of the high payout slot games that we covered in step 2.

By playing slots online that offers both, high payouts and a lucrative progressive Jackpot prize, you’re effectively giving yourself more chances of winning big. If you want to know how to win at slots without breaking the bank or wagering the biggest coin, you can play at Starspins where all games come in their Progressive Jackpot version no matter the coin size plus there’s another 3 progressive Jackpots you can win at any given moment.

The following are some of the progressive Jackpot games that offer cash-spinning prizes on the most popular high-paying slot games:

Microgaming Jackpots


NetEnt Jackpots


Step 3: Use welcome bonuses to get free cash to play.

Getting free casino money to play slots online is the easiest way to give your bankroll a boost without even playing.

Virtually every online casino out there offers their players a generous free cash amount as an incentive to join the casino. As a new cash player you will be eligible to receive up to four times the amount of your first deposit in the shape of free casino credit.

After making your first deposit, there will many other free cash bonuses that you will qualify for. Keep an eye on Second Deposit Bonuses, Reload Bonuses and Monthly Casino Bonuses, these casino bonuses will give you more extra cash to play with every time you reload your account. You can browse the top online casino bonus offers here to get free casino cash, free spins, no deposit bonuses and more.



Wagering Req.


Deposit £20 Play with £60 + 25 Free Spins.


Play now!

Deposit £100 Play with £200 + 100 Free Spins.


Play now!

10 free spins no deposit.


Play now!

10 free spins no deposit.


Play now!

Step 4: Set your Winning and Losing limits.

Lastly, setting your winning and losing limits is an essential part of managing your funds effectively. It’s a common and big mistake to start playing slots for money without deciding how much money you’re willing to spend on your session.

A losing stopping point can prevent you from spending more money than you intended to and save you from going bankrupt too quickly. A winning stopping point will let you know when you’ve reached your target profit and when it’s time to stop playing.

Failing to set and respect your winning and losing limits can lead to financial problems or leave you with a bad taste in your mouth after playing.

Set yourself a realistic limit for both winning and losing. Depending on how much money you usually allocate (and can afford!) for playing slots online, you can decide how much cash you’re willing to lose.

You may decide that losing 50% of your available cash for the session (not your total bankroll) is enough. In that case, you must be disciplined and stop playing once you’ve lost half your money.

A 50% profit target is probably realistic enough for a single slot session. Don’t let greed blind you when you’re winning. If you’ve already reached your winning limit, it’s best to stop playing and cash out before the odds of the game swing back in the casino’s favor.

Your best chances of winning on slots are to get as much free cash as possible, play slots online that offer only the highest payouts, aim for the progressives, allow yourself to play for as long as possible and take advantage of short-term winning streaks.

Please keep in mind that these are games of chance and thus losing is part of the game. What’s most important to remember when learning how to win at slots online for money is that even if the games payout 95% or more of stakes, the casino has an edge over the long run, so enjoy the thrill and fun that online slots can provide and remember to quit the game when you’re ahead and cash out the big wins!

Step 5: Manage your Bankroll effectively.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to choose a casino and the best slot games to play, it’s time to talk about how to play slots for longer.

Money management is essential in playing slots because there’s no way for players to alter the casino’s edge in the game, so the most effective way to increase your chances of winning is to be able to play for longer and hit more winning combinations.

To stretch your cash, you need to consider your total available funds for the session and the pick the stakes that suit your bankroll size. For example:

If you only have £100 to play with, it would not make sense to play for stakes of £10 or £20 per spin because you could go bust after just 10 or 5 spins.

What you want to do in this case, is to play slots that offer stakes for £1, 50p or 10p. This way, your money will last for much more longer thus giving you far more chances of building winning lines, hit the multiplier bonuses and hopefully the progressive Jackpot prize. This may come as a surprise but following a solid bankroll management is perhaps the most effective technique when learning how to win at slots in the long run because it will stretch your funds to give you more hours of fun and more winning chances.