How to Play Peggle Deluxe – Tips and Cheats

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There are various Peggle Deluxe tips that can be followed to have a better gaming experience. In the completion bonus, for instance, the ball drops into one of the five bonus slots after a level is completed. The points provided by these slots often include 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000 points.

In order to get the maximum award, it is advisable to clear all the pegs in a certain level. Other bonuses include the Cool Clear bonus and the 10,000 points bonus for unused balls which are combined in the Fever Bonus to increase the score of the player in a specific level. The tip here is to save a green peg for the final shot to boost the score in the Fever Bonus.

The Fever Bonus

When the ball is fired into the part where there are many orange pegs, the ball bounces out. In order to hit more pegs, fire the ball into the populated section. This will decrease the speed of the ball, allowing it to bounce at a better angle and get more pegs.

Players may find it frustrating to look for the right moment to fire the shot. To solve this, right click the mouse so that time will speed up. It will now be easier to fire shots and get more pegs. During game play, try typing the word ‘Scott’ to finish the level faster. This trick allows the player to fast forward his shots. On the earlier part of every level, target the orange pegs on the upper part so that more pegs can be hit. The higher the ball is fired, the more that gravity will help in hitting the pegs.

Using Warren as a Master

Playing as Warren and using the Lucky Spin allows the player to have the Magic Hat power-up. This feature puts a top hat on the ball. To see this effect, type “Steve” during game play.

The player has to unlock Master Hu in order to get all the pegs in every level. After completing the Adventure Mode, proceed to Quick Play Mode and play any level for the second time. Try to get as many pegs as possible but save the Zen Ball power-ups for the trick shots. When using the Zen Ball power-ups, target the purple peg to get more points. This will also allow the player to have one or two more balls.

Knowing how to play Peggle Deluxe is not enough. Having knowledge on some Peggle Deluxe cheats will definitely give the player better time with Peggle Deluxe. As I’m sure you know, Peggle Deluxe is the continuation on the popular saga which includes the Peggle slots online game available for free and real money play.