Reveal instant free spins and cash with Houdini scratch card.

Join the World’s most famous daredevil stunt performer in this adventure and disappear with big amounts of instant cash and free spins in Houdini slot.

It gives away up to £1,000 and costs the modest sum of £2!

Houdini Instant Scratch Cards Game consists of two rounds. The first scratch card could give you instant cash, and if you make it to the second scratch card, you could win free spins on Houdini’s Slot.

How to play Houdini Instant Scratch Cards

The first screen that appears when selecting this instant scratch card is one that tells you that you could win spins and redeem them on Houdini Slot.

Right below those legends and images is a Next button with Houdini’s face, simply click on it to launch the game! Some applause will be heard, be prepared, the game has just begun!

Instant Cash Scratch Card: Mind the Monkey, Make a Mint!

Play 2 Rounds for the Prize of one at Houdini Instant Scratch CardsThe first part of Houdini´s act is Mind the Monkey, Make a Mint! This is the act that could make you win thousands in an instant. Click Play to start!

On the scenario, you can see a spinning board with Monkey at the center and 8 balloons around it. Pop them all!

The balloons are hiding your prizes. You can pop them by clicking on them one by one, or by selecting the Burst option underneath the spinning board. Match three numbers to get the equivalent cash, which could be anything from £1 to £1000. The cash you win here is credited to your account balance.

If after bursting all the balloons, the monkey releases a key you’ll be taken to the second round, where Houdini will do one of his most famous tricks.

Mystery Chests: Houdini´s Free Spins Scratch Card

This second act consists of the reward spins round. Six mystery chests will appear. Select the ones you wish to open but be fast! As Houdini will stop the game whenever he wants to.

The amount shown on the chests chosen will be the number of free spins awarded. Numbers on each chest are added up and appear on the screen.

You can redeem these spins right away after winning them or you could wait until you are done playing Houdini Instant for that day. These spins are all saved up and you could use them whenever you fancy to boost your winnings in Houdini Slot!

Houdini Slot could be played betting on 25 pay lines maximum. The more lines you bet on, the more chances you get to win. Coin size is from 1p to £8, rewarding you with a smashing top prize of £2,000,000! Outwit Houdini and run away with his money!

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