A review of Fun of the Fair slot – A video slot with 3 bonus games & multipliers.

Fun of the Fair slot review.

There’s a real influx of slot machine game online now. With the advance of the internet, it seems that anyone with coding and web designing skills can make a slot machine game. And most of the slot games are pretty much the same, given that the basic rules are practically the same.

Well then, what separates one slot machine game from another? One of the key variables is the theme of the game. This is a review of Fun of the Fair slot, and the theme here is… British aristocracy I guess?

The be fair this game has the least annoying spin sound that I’ve ever heard in a gambling game, slots included. It’s gentle and it doesn’t force itself unto your ears, and if you don’t find it pleasing, you can turn it off altogether.

Fun of the Fair slot Features

Screnshot image of a Scatter symbol win on Fun of the Fair slots online
Fun of the Fair slot RTP details
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Coins: 1p to £10
  • Variance: Medium
  • Wilds: All
  • Scatter: 3 (x5), 4(x25), 5 (x100)
  • Bonus Game: Duck Shoot, Punchball, Derby Roll
  • Features: 3x bonus games, Scatter Pays
  • Jackpot: £1,000
  • RTP: 96.71%

There are of course the pay lines. All of the slot machine games base their function on the pay lines. Some of the games have a lower number of lines, making them simpler to grasp, whilst others still have many more lines. The Fun of the Fair slot game has twenty paylines, to be precise. This is what makes the slot machine games complicated in the eyes of many wannabe gamblers, and they give up before even trying to understand what the pay lines are about. They are simply the lines that you can make combos of the symbols on. And if you select to play on more pay lines, then you have greater chances of winning, but you also have to spend a bigger sum of money as a bet.

The Fun of the Fair slot machine used to be available at all Jackpotjoy Sister Sites but for some unknown reason, it has been removed from all of them except the good old Jackpojtoy casino.

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Our review of the multi-bonus game slot from Gamesys: Fun of the Fair slot.

Now as for the symbols… some of them are classic, such as the Jack, Queen, King, Ace cards, which are the symbols with the least value attached to them. And then we go in for the real deal you have the drum, the trombone, the horse, the spiral tower, and the wild symbol in the form of a lollypop. And finally… you have the scatter symbol in the form of a young stud with moustaches, wielding a large hammer on his shoulder. Some people will find this inherently interesting – after all the purpose of the different designs of the slot machine games is to look interesting to different people. And if this design is you cup of tea… well then, you’ll enjoy it.

As mentioned, various symbols have a variable value attached to them. The least valuable is the J symbol, symbolizing the Jack card, and the most valuable symbol, besides the lollypop wild card which can be used to make a combination with any other symbol in the game in order to complete a combo, and the scatter card, is the spiral tower. All else goes in-between.

Did you think that this is all Fun of the Fair slot machine game is about? Well, you’re wrong. You see the thing is, the biggest mistake online slot machine game designers make, is that they make the games way to simple. Of course, this suits some people, as all they want to do is to spin the reel and rest their head back in the comfort of their own home. But most people like at least some variability in their game, in order to spice it up, so to say, and make it a bit more interesting. Spinning the reel ad infinitum can prove to be quite boring at times.

Fun of The Fair slot game screenshots.

Fun of The Fair bonus games: Activate up to 3 different features.

Well, a genius game designer somewhere has thought of a great way to spice things up. And this is through the bonus games. Most slot machine games add at least one bonus game. This game has not one, but three bonus games. And you can access these three bonus games in the following way – just spin the reel while placing bets, and sometime or later you will eventually strike a combination of three bonus game symbols along any of the pay lines you’ve placed a bet on.

The first bonus game is called Duck Shoot, and it’s self-explanatory. What you need to do here is shoot as many ducks as possible and this will increase the level of the bonus payment that you’ll get as a reward for shooting the ducks. Poor creatures. After you’ve finished with this ordeal, you’ll be returned promptly back to your original Fun of the Fair slot game, where you can continue making lots of money! Either that or losing them. Whatever your luck happens to be.

The second bonus game in Fun of the Fair slots that you can access by combining three bonus symbols on the pay lines, is called The Punchball Bonus. Here you are helping the aforementioned young stud hit the punchball as hard as he can. And the stronger the punch, the bigger your payout.

And finally, the third bonus game is about horse racing.  You start out as a horse racing other horses, and you improve your speed by rolling the balls in the holes. I know, right? Pretty racy way for you to race in a racehorse race. And the bonus you’ll get depends on how well will you do in this race.

As you see, these bonus games aren’t something complicated that will draw from your willpower and mental energy. They are in fact pretty simple, and even a toddler can grasp their intricacies. And this is their purpose to be fair. Their purpose is to add the spark to the game, and make it just a bit more interesting and rewarding an experience for you to savor.

How to play Fun of the Fair for free no deposits? Here’s how!

In this Fun of the Fair slot review we noticed that you can play the demo game without having to make any deposits but you do need to create a free player account at Jackpotjoy casino to be able to play it. This is just to give you a sample of what you’re about to enjoy if you do decide to go in for the real deal. And if you want to try out the real deal you’ll have to create an account on the website. Also, you can play it with play money in order to accommodate yourself to eventually play with real money, or if you don’t want to risk anything at all, you can play for however long you want without using real money. Some people see this experience as a fine way to sit back and rewind after a stressful day at work, inside the comfort of their own home.

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All in all, this is a fun game, and it’s nicely designed. It’s pretty simple and you can easily understand it if you give it some thought. The three little fun bonus games add the much-needed spark to the game, making it that much more enjoyable. It’s good looking as well. So if you’re into slot machines, then we definitely recommend you to try out this game and see if you like it for yourself. All it takes for you to sample it is just a couple of minutes playing the demo.

And a final note in our Fun of the Fair slot review, if you happen to play with teal money, it’s our strongest advice that you should gamble responsibly. Never enter a chance game with the purpose to get rich. Play it for fun and as a way to rewind and relax. And if you do make some cash, then all the better. But don’t ever make the mistake of getting greedy and losing all of your hard earned money. Gamble Responsibly.

Now it’s your turn for Fun of the Fair slots

What do you make of the 3 different bonus games on Fun of the Fair slot?
Do you prefer games with Scatter Pays? How about that 100x multiplier for 3 Scatters?
If you have played the game Theme Park slot from NetEnt, how does Fun of the Fair slot compare to it?
Let us know your thoughts and win a cash prize!

2 comments on "A review of Fun of the Fair slot – A video slot with 3 bonus games & multipliers."

  1. Calvin on

    Love that there are 3 bonus games, it adds more novelty. While the multipliers add excitement and amounts bigger possibility. All theme slots sound fun, haven’t played the theme park from NetEnt yet.

  2. Sam on

    The Fun of the Fair slot machine isn’t really one of the most recent video slot games from Gamesys but it sure continues to be one of the jewels of the crown; just consider the fact that the mother of all gamesys sites (Jackpotjoy) kept it as one of the featured games.
    Having three bonus games definitely makes this game an attractive one; it provides more chances of winning without forking out more money. The Duck bonus game looks pretty similar to the one found on Theme Park slot from NetEnt.
    Personally, the Paying Scatters is the one feature I really like the most. It provides frequent wins without having to build a winning payline AND the minimum payout is twice your stake and up to a massive 100 times your stake.


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