Free spins at sign-up casinos: Kassu & Casino Viking.

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Free Spins are all the rage these days, if you go online and search for online casinos there is a very good chance that you will come across a betting website that is offering Free Spins at registration. We will discuss why in a minute. Historically, people have stuck with small and large casinos to scratch their betting itch. But as technology has progressed, so has the casino industry.
What was once only accessible physically, where you had to travel and go to your nearest casino to try your luck, you can now easily do that from the comfort of your home with just your laptop and your PJs.
Free Spins is a type of betting game where, of course, as the name suggests, you get to take a free turn at the betting wheel. The game is set in a way where you will always be betting for the lowest amount possible. Even so, if you land on a lucrative spin you get to keep all your earning while having paid nothing!
Online casinos are the future of gambling and have already taken over the world by storm. You will now find more online casinos than there are physical casinos all over the world. This change has also brought in new ways of betting. Think about it, what is the one thing big casinos don’t have that online casino have an abundance of? The answer is cost.
A fairly large casino can rack up tens of thousands of dollars in just operational costs, let alone the building costs and salaries. Compare this to online casinos and you will see why everyone has opened up or opted for an online version of the beloved gambling arena.
Online casinos operate at a fraction of the costs and can even earn more through ads that are placed on their website. This is how they can offer new ways to gamble for modern casino players. Free Spins is one of them.

Kassu Casino Making Waves!

Take Kassu Casino as an example. Kassu Casino has established itself as a premier online casino offering multiple interesting and fun casino games and is based on a trustworthy platform that has been perfected over years of hard work. They even have great customer service as well!
Kassu Casinos offer the same Free Spin and Bonus Matching games that are available in abundance online but they do it better than everyone else owing to their expertise in the field for many years. The owner has a UK license and has good finances so you do not need to worry about getting cut from your earnings.
As soon as you sign up you will get receive your starting Free Spins and you will be able to jump right into the game and possibly even start winning. You can use your amazing welcome bonus with Free Spins towards multiple games. Kassu Casino makes it easy for its user to just signup or login and plays without filling up tedious forms or getting confused with the website layout.

A Trusted Platform for Every Player

The platform is designed for simplicity and maximum fun and the website itself is developed with a customer-centric belief where everything is geared towards you have more fun than looking around for things and figuring out games yourself. The quality of games is also such that it requires little to no knowledge. You will find yourself immersed right from the get-go.
Kassu Casino’s games are also better compared to other online casinos where they offer gambling games that you would love to spend on or try your Free Spins on. Their customer service is also a class part from competitors since Kassu Casino has a UK based license that is trusted with both businesses and governments. They offer several ways for you to reach out to them. The most recommended way is, of course, using the online chat which guarantees a quick resolution to your query or problem.
If you want to try your hand in online casinos then we recommend that you go with Kassu Casino’s today.
Also, while you are at it. We have something for both new and experienced gamblers as well. If you are looking for a good place to start or want to know or compare where you should spend your gambling talents at then we recommend that you follow CasinoViking UK to find no deposit free spins.

CasinoViking – All your Favorite Casino’s listed Under One Roof

CasinoViking is an independent platform where you can compare various online casinos in one place. This offers new players a fairly balanced platform where they can check out various casinos at one place from the comfort of their couch! This amazing platform allows both new and experienced players a birds-eye view of an online casino rating among players and its basic offerings.
One of the biggest advantages of CasinoViking is that it offers a clear view of how many Bonus and Free Spins you receive at each casino. The ratings provided are also a good aggregate of how the casino is when rated by its visitors. The rating takes into account the quality of games, the online casino platform itself and reviews by visitors or customers.
All you have to do is follow CasinoViking UK to find no deposit free spins. Once you are there you can bookmark the page and keep it on your browser or phone at all times so that you can hop on to check which casino is offering the best Free Spins and try your hand there. You can also, of course, try multiple casinos at a time with no deposit. This will allow you to get a vast coverage and help you gain incredible experience in no time. CasinoViking is especially helpful for people who are new to the gambling scene.

Player Friendly Features

CasinoViking also offers a great feature that will come in handy for both new and experienced players. When you visit CasinoViking you will see a list of online casinos that offer Free Spins. If you look closely, right between the Play Now and Review button you will find a Terms and Conditions link. If you hover your mouse over that, the platform will highlight and show you the specific terms and conditions of the website you are viewing in a popup.
Every online casino has its terms and conditions that are specific to their own gambling rules, country or other regulations. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of every online casino you visit to make sure that they don’t have anything that can cause you to stress later on when you play games or even invest your own money.
CasinoViking also strives to take care of its customers by providing expert tips and tricks to finding the best online casinos and making sure that you play safely and securely when it comes to your finances. The platform makes it clear that CasinoViking is just an aggregator of Free Spin casinos and that you should do your research by reading the terms and conditions and all the wagering, bonus and maximum win clauses before playing.
CasinoViking also offers a guide for using Free Spin casinos in 2019. For example, it is recommended that you avail of any free spin offer you receive during registration after you have read the terms and conditions, of course. This is because once the free spin offer expires you will have no way to redeem it back and you might even be offered a less generous package that might even require a deposit from your side.
Some online casinos also require a multiple-deposit or a “Three Piece Rocket” to play at their website. This is not uncommon and can be seen as a norm when it comes to online gambling websites. With a Three-Piece Rocket, you will get a set number of free spins, let’s say 20 free spins when you register and once you have depleted your spins you will be required to deposit a minimum amount, let’s say $10 for another 30 Free spins, for example. At your final deposit, which will usually be the third once, you will be required to deposit a final amount and get a huge bundle of Free Spins, for example, around 200 Free Spins.
This type of deposit is common and can be used to get a lot more Free-Spins than what you started with at your registration. Most websites employ the use of this type of deposit because it is much more lucrative for them and is even better for the gambler who wants the most amount of spins at the least deposit value. Follow CasinoViking UK to find no deposit free spins today!


In conclusion, people are more into free spins now than ever before because it requires little to no deposit to try your luck at registration. This combination has proven to be quite attractive for the average gambler that just wants to try their luck at gambling and even a veteran who wants to play big to earn big!