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1.- Are online casinos legal?

Online Casinos are legal/illegal depending on where you live. In the UK, Online Casinos, poker rooms, and online gambling is absolutely legal as long as the website that offers these products holds valid gambling licensed by a recognized government body; typically from the United Kingdom or a country that belongs to the European Union.

You will notice that most of the online casinos and bingo rooms that we recommend at Free Slots UK are licensed and regulated by either the government of Gibraltar (a British Overseas Territory), the government of Malta (again British Overseas Territory) or Alderney Gambling Control Commission (a British Crown dependency). The safest and most popular online casinos around are most certainly licensed and regulated in either one of these three places or better yet, by the UK Gambling Commission.

In other countries, like in Spain, online casinos and online gambling were not recognized within the law as a legal and regulated activity but it was also not forbidden, it remained in this “grey area” until it was recently regulated. Most of the biggest online casinos already offer their games on a fully supported Spanish version.

In USA online casinos, poker rooms and online gambling has been illegal due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. If you live in the US, you will find it almost impossible to make a deposit or withdraw at online casinos and although there may be ways to get around this, it’s not advisable to do so – IT’S AGAINST THE LAW!

That being said, Delaware seems to be the first state of the United States to legally offer a full online casino product although the mix will only include poker and slots at first. Rest assured that we will be bringing you the latest news on this subject. We know our American friends are quite eager to play many of the video slots featured here, so stay tuned.

You should always make sure that online casinos & online gambling is legal in your country before making any deposits to avoid any problems.

2.- Casino Wagering and Staking

Two of the terms you will surely come across in online gaming are: wagers and stakes.

A Wagers is basically the amount of money placed on bets and it’s most commonly used in online casinos, e.g. wagering requirements of a casino bonus. A stake is frequently used in poker and horse racing bets and it refers to the money risked on a bet or gamble.

To understand how to work out your wagers or stakes, let’s use the following example:

  • You have made a $100 deposit into your player account.
  • You head to the video slots section and bring £1,000 to play X slot game.
  • You place your first bet for £20 and you win £40.
  • You now have £70 in credits and have wagered £20. This is because you risked (staked) £20 in your first bet.
  • Now you place the second bet, this time for £10 and you win £25.
  • You now have £90 in chips and made a profit of £40 so far.

At this point, you have wagered a total of £30 = first bet £20 + second bet £10.

As you can see, the wagered amount is the total amount of money that was staked over this short video slots session.

Wagering requirements on bonuses.

You will often find that the wagering requirement of No Deposit Bonuses offered by online casinos will vary depending on which casino game you play.

The reason for this is that different casino games have different winning odds and different payout rates.

A European Roulette (single-zero) will have a payout rate of around 97.3%. This means that 97.3% of the total amount staked on this game will be paid out to players. In the same way, different variations of Blackjack will have different winning odds and payout percentages and thus the wagering requirement will vary from one Blackjack version to others.

Luckily for us who like playing slots and bingo, the wagering requirement is typically lower. Remember to check out our Free No Deposit Bonus section for the latest offers.

3.- Do Casinos Always Win?

Not really, this is a common misconception and some people are often under the impression that the casino always wins because players fail to win consistently at the casino.

The main reason why many players don’t win every time, in the long run, is because the casinos have a mathematical advantage over the players. You may be surprised to learn that the edge that online casinos game over the players is actually not a huge advantage, usually between 0.5% and 8% depending on the game.

Although this mathematical advantage may not seem like much, you must remember that it remains constant for every spin, hand or bet, which means that the odds will indeed favour the casino IN THE LONG RUN.

Learning about the game and knowing how to play will, in some cases, increase your chances of winning, even if it’s only during short periods of time. A perfect example of this is the game Blackjack, where following the basic strategy will greatly improve your chances of winning and thus reduce the house edge.

4.- Types of Casino Bonuses.

Sign-Up Bonus

A Sign-Up Bonus,  also referred to as First Deposit Bonus, Welcome Bonus, Match Up Bonus or First Deposit Bonus is what most online casinos and poker rooms offer to new customers as an additional incentive to open an account at their site and make a deposit.

There are two main things to look notice about Sign-Up Bonuses. The first is the percentage of your deposit that the online casino is offering to match, e.g. 100% , 50% , etc. On a 100% match up bonus offer, the casino will literally offer to double your money, you deposit $100 and they will give you another $100.

A 50% match up the offer will give you an extra half of your initial deposit, a $100 deposit will give you $50 from the casino. Other casinos and bingo rooms like Lights Camera Bingo offer to triple your money with a 200% welcome bonus.

The second thing to notice is the amount limit to which they will match your deposit, e.g. Up to $200 Free. This means that if you make a $500 deposit, the casino will give you a maximum of $200 Free.

Online casinos like Mega Casino casino offer 250% free sign up bonus with capped at £250.

The following are all examples of Sign-Up Bonuses:

Are usually advertised:   100% Sign-Up Bonus for up to £200 Free.

In the above example, if you make a deposit for £200, the casino will credit your account with another £200 free to play with.

In most online casinos (if not all of them), you can´t just take you First Deposit Bonus and withdraw it from your account right-away. Sign-Up Bonuses will most certainly be tied up to a wagering requirement that will vary from casino to casino and depending on the games you play. This is because your Sign-Up Bonus is actually released into your account as you play.

How your First Deposit Bonus is released into your account will depend on the casino and games you choose to play. For example, for every $1 that you stake at playing slot you will have £0.50 – £1.00 free cash credited into your account.

It’s important to note that once this amount is released into your account, this becomes ‘withdraw-able’ cash.

No Deposit Bonuses

One of the most popular types of casino bonuses is the so-called “No Deposit Bonus”. Unlike ‘First Deposit Bonus’, a No Deposit Bonus will not require you to make an initial deposit to start playing and in most cases, they’re quite simple to claim.

No Deposit Bonuses give you – and all potential customers- some free cash to play the games in a full real money environment and experience what the casino has to offer.

Depending on the casino and the specific No Deposit Bonus promotion, this bonus may be limited to some casino games and in many cases, it will be subject to a wagering requirement.

A hypothetical scenario would be a $50 Free No Deposit Bonus to play at Lights Camera Bingo where the bonus has a 20x wagering requirement. In this case, you would need to first stake a total of $1,000 (wager $50 bonus x 20 times) before being able to withdraw the bonus and any winnings that resulted from playing this money.

You should also be aware that some online casinos will require you to make a deposit before you can withdraw the winnings from your No Deposit Bonus.

Re-load bonuses

Re-load bonuses are free bonuses that you are offered or eligible after you had made your first deposit. Online casinos, poker rooms and bingo rooms offer these bonuses to existing customers when they make a subsequent deposit. They’re also a great way to get more value for your money and keep the action going.

Like almost any other type of bonus, Re-load bonuses will have some kind of wagering requirement. The good news is that in many cases, these bonuses will come in the form of site credit, which means that you can spend it right away on your favourite casino games.

Mega Casino casino is one of our favourite online casinos that offer a 50% re-load bonus, another great choice that offer re-load bonuses are Caesars Bingo, Sung Bingo, Mega Casino Casino.

Another really good thing about most re-load bonuses is that they’re rarely the kind of bonus that gets churned into your account as you wager money playing. The type of wagering requirement of these re-load bonuses usually requires you to play it through X number of times, e.g. $20 bonus and wager it x20.

Free chips & free spins

These are usually known as Free Spins in the world of video slots. Free Spins like those offered at Mr Green Casino give you a chance to play really cool video slot games on real cash mode without having to deposit any of your own money. Just how much per spin your going to get on those Free Spins is down to the casino but as a rule of thumb, you should expect the coins to be set at the lowest.

5.- Types of Online Casino Promotions

The kind of promotions that online casinos offer varies from site to site but generally speaking, these are the most common promotions that you should expect:

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive video slot Jackpots are usually very large cash prizes that are made possible due to the contribution of every slot player that players a specific game. One of the most popular and largest Progressive Jackpots currently available are the MegaJackpots from IGT slots. Every wager placed on their selected video slot games which include Monopoly Slots  Cleopatra Slots and Cluedo.

Freeroll Tournaments

Free-rolls are more common to poker and backgammon players although they can be often found at many UK Bingo Sites. A Free-roll tournament is essentially an online tournament with a guaranteed cash prize which is free to enter. These type of promotion provides great fun and action at virtually no cost to the players plus there’s always a real chance of winning gifts, cash or site credit,

6.- What are casino & games RTP?

Casino Payout rates are the percentage of the stakes paid out to players in any given casino game.

For instance, if a video slot game like Red or Black slot game had a Payout Rate or Return To Player (RTP) as it’s also known of 95% then $950 would be paid out to players – the rest is the cut that the casino takes or profit.

If you look at different casino games, you will notice that each game has a different payout rate. For example, online slot machines may pay out 94% to 96% of stakes, where as an 8 deck Blackjack game could have a 99.5% payout rate.

The reason why certain games have a higher or lower payout percentage than others depends on the winning odds of the game itself, the mathematical advantage of the casino on that particular game and the level of skill involved in the game.

7.- What is a Site Credit bonus?

Site Credit is essentially cash in the player account that you can use to play games just like you would with money that you have deposited.

The main difference between cash and Site Credit is that the former will have some restrictions to spend it or “free” it and turn into withdraw-able cash.

The restrictions will vary from casino to casino as well as the specific conditions on which it was granted, like being able to spend it only on certain casino games.

It can be the case that some Site Credit bonuses will only be allowed to be played on some games.  Another possible restriction can be that you may use your Site Credit bonus to play and even withdraw any winnings generated from it but you cannot withdraw the Site Credit itself.

You should always read the Terms and Conditions of any casino promotion offering bonuses as Site Credit to make sure you know exactly what you’re being offered before you decide to take the promotion.

Site Credit is essentially cash in the player account that you can use to play games just like you would with money that you have deposited.

The main difference between cash and Site Credit is that the former will have some restrictions to spend it or “free” it and turn into withdraw-able cash.

The restrictions will vary from casino to casino as well as the specific conditions on which it was granted, like being able to spend it only on certain casino games.

It can be the case that some Site Credit bonuses will only be allowed to be played in some games, e.g. (insert 32Red Welcome Package Slots money).  Another possible restriction can be that you may use your Site Credit bonus to play and even withdraw any winnings generated from it but you cannot withdraw the Site Credit itself.

You should always read the Terms and Conditions of any casino promotion offering bonuses as Site Credit to make sure you know exactly what you’re being offered before you decide to take the promotion.

8.- What is Slot Variance and How It Affects Your Play?

If you’re a frequent video slot player chances are you have come across the term “variance”. This term comes from statistics and probability theory and it’s an indication of how fat a set of numbers is spread out.

In practical terms for slot players, the variance is basically an indication of the level of risk associated with any specific slot game.

Several factors are considered when determining the variance of a slot game including the expected return to players (RTP), bonus games especially Free Spins, number of free spins and multipliers to mention a few. And there are three levels of variance (risk): low, medium and high; although we could add medium/low and medium/high to the mix. Now let’s look at what each of these mean.

Low Variance Slots

A low variance slot is where you can expect the game to payout quite frequently but where hitting a massive win is rare. These type of games usually allow for longer playing sessions as bankrolls tend to last longer. Low variance slot games are great for players with smaller bankrolls and/or players who are looking for small profit margins but longer playing sessions.

If you’re new to slot games, have a limited bankroll and want to make the most of out of your hard-earned cash, then I suggest you start playing low variance slot games.

The following are some examples of Low and Medium/Low Variance slots:

High Variance Slots

As you probably imagine by now, a high variance slot game offers the opposite: less frequency in the payouts but much higher expected returns. These type of video slots offer players a chance for mammoth profits although this is not expected to happen frequently.

High variance slots are usually a High Roller player choice of play, they are a perfect fit for players with larger bankrolls who like taking risks and who are looking for big payouts. If you have a substantial amount of cash to burn, you enjoy the thrill of a big win and don’t mind the possibility of going bust quickly, then you should play a high variance slot games.

The following are just some examples of High or Medium/High variance slot games you can find on our site:

Medium Variance Slots

A medium variance slot machine is one where there is a balance between frequent payouts and a decent chance for a massive cash win. These slot games offer a fantastic mix of thrill and longer playing sessions coupled with a decent expected return to players.

Medium variance slot games are recommended for both high risk and penny slot players. Depending on you preferred the style of play, you may go for a medium/low or medium/high game and find that they provide great entertainment and attractive cash prizes.

Here at Free Slots UK we cater to different types of players and we make sure to include a good mix of low, medium and high variance slot games for you to check out and play online. You can browse our Slot Game Reviews by “slot variance/risk” by selecting from the top categories located at the top of the page.

9.- What happens if I lose my internet connection during play?

Each Casino has it’s own policy regarding “connection lost” but for the most of them, these policies will be quite similar although it can vary depending on each game.

For example, if you’re playing slots and you have placed your bets but have not yet spin the reels at the time when you lost the connection, chances are that the session will simply terminate as if you had just click “Cash out” and left the table.

If you were playing slots and the reels are already spinning when you lost the connection, then it’s likely that the casino will first have a look at your session before making a decision. This is because there are players that will try to avoid a losing hand by manual disconnection their computer from the internet and blame it on losing the connection.

Other games like poker, gin rummy, backgammon and other multi-player games will have a “time bank” that will give you a reasonable time to come back to the table in if you suddenly lose the connection.

Online Casinos are very well aware of potential connection problems and overall they will have very reasonable policies about it.

10.- How to Deposit Money at Online Casinos?

Online Casinos offer a wide range of deposit and withdraw methods among which the most common are credit and debit cards like Visa and Master Card.

If you don’t feel like using your personal Credit or Debit card there’s also the option to make a Direct Wire transfer or using one of the many eWallet solutions available. Below are the most popular eWallets:


Neteller is well known and secure online payment provider which is accepted at most online casinos and around the Internet as a payment method. We at Free Slots UK use Neteller on an ongoing basis and can reassure you that it’s absolutely safe and convenient.

Getting an account is quick and simple but be prepared to pass a few security validations before being able to go wild with the spending. The process to validate your identity is rather simple and once you’ve been verified, your transaction takes place without delays. On that note, the only thing we’re not too crazy about Neteller is because withdrawing funds back to your personal bank account can take up to 10 days, whereas other payment providers such as MoneyBookers take only a few days.


Moneybookers is another online payment provider which is among the most popular and widely used around the globe. This is also another service we use quite often at FSUK and we have to say it’s probably the best one we’ve tried!

The sign-up process is also simple and quick and Identity verification must also take place. Once your account has been verified you’ll get generous deposit and withdrawals limits but best of all if that transaction times at Moneybookers are super short! Whether is uploading money to fund your player account or withdrawing your cash winnings back to your domestic bank account, the money simply flies!


Paypal is perhaps the payment method that needs no introduction, synonym to online payment provider and of course one of the most trusted ones too.

Accepted virtually everywhere online and now even offline, Paypal offers a simple, safe and convenient e-wallet solution that allows you to send, receive, transfer and withdraw money virtually everywhere in the world.

Due to the widespread use of Paypal as a payment method, currently, there are many online casinos and bingo sites that accept Paypal .