A guide to 75 ball bingo – What to look for and how much you can win.

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A guide to 75 ball bingo featured image showing the Barbados Bingo logo and the text: "What to look for? How much can you win? Selecting numbers. Bingo systems."

Looking for a quick guide to 75 ball bingo? Then you’ve come to the right place. First let us start with a quick step by step guide of how 75 Ball Bingo works, then we can break the individual components down to try and gain a little edge in this hugely popular game.

  1.       Buy a bingo card or two (a bingo card is the sheet of numbers which will come as a 5×5 table of numbers)
  2.       Random numbers will be selected and called out
  3.       See if we have that number on our card, if we do stamp (otherwise know as daub) it
  4.       First person to get a winning pattern wins the game and jackpot!

A Guide To 75 Ball Bingo

Things to look out for.

Bingo seems really simple and it is. Being simple and being easy are two very different things though. In a bricks and mortar bingo house, checking through multiple cards can be difficult.

The numbers can come out at a fast pace and require lightning fast eyes to be able to check them thoroughly. Online bingo gets rid of this issue by giving us the option to set the software to auto daub the numbers which can save us a lot of stress!

How much can we win from the Jackpot?

Jackpots differ drastically between the games. They grow and shrink in line with the amount per bingo card. Much like any gambling, this means that the more that we are willing to stake, the more we will have available to us to win.

It is sensible to go for low entry bingo games when we are first starting out. Nobody wants to lose out on winnings because they are a novice at something – mediating the chance of this happening is important, but that is why you are here!

Selecting the Numbers on our bingo cards.

There are two different methods of selecting the numbers that we would like to have on our cards. One is randomly and the other is to actively select our combinations.

If you would prefer the latter, it is advisable to look into different theories around how numbers will be presented –  this is research done by mathematicians to try and create a higher probability of selecting winning numbers, there are a few different theories on this. There are two of prominence.

Is there a system to picking the right numbers?

One is to create the most random and different numbers possible, this functions on the basis that every number has the same odds of being selected, therefore we want to avoid selecting numbers that follow patterns. For example under this theory the numbers 3,13,23 and 33 would be a bad selection as they hold strong similarities.

The other theory is to select numbers closest to the central number (being 38), this uses the mathematical principle of average distribution, otherwise known as the bell curve phenomenon.

Both of these systems are inevitably flawed, as all things are when they try to predict randomness, but it is about lowering the odds. Do some research and have fun!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide to 75 ball bingo games and that our tips can help you enjoy more of what this popular game has to offer.