If you’re a frequent video slot player chances are you have come across the term “variance”. This term comes from statistics and probability theory and it’s an indication of how fat a set of numbers is spread out.

In practical terms for slot players, variance is basically an indication of the level of risk associated with any specific slot game.

Several factors are considered when determining the variance of a slot game including: the expected return to players (RTP), bonus games specially Free Spins, number of free spins and multipliers to mention a few. And there are three levels of variance (risk): low, medium and high; although we could add medium/low and medium/high to the mix. Now let’s look at what each of these mean.

Low Variance Slots

A low variance slot is where you can expect the game to payout quite frequently but where hitting a massive win is rare. These type of games usually allow for longer playing sessions as bankrolls tend to last longer. Low variance slot games are great for players with smaller bankrolls and/or players who are looking for small profit margins but longer playing sessions.

If you’re new to slot games, have a limited bankroll and want to make the most of out of your hard-earned cash, then I suggest you start playing low variance slot games.

The following are some examples of Low and Medium/Low Variance slots:

DaVinci Diamonds Slot IconPixies of the Forest Slot iconMonopoly slot IconSun and Moon slot icon

High Variance Slots

As you probably imagine by now, a high variance slot game offers the opposite: less frequency in the payouts but much higher expected returns. These type of video slots offer players a chance for mammoth profits although this is not expected to happen frequently.

High variance slots are usually a High Roller player choice of play, they are a perfect fit for players with larger bankrolls who like taking risks and whom are looking for big payouts. If you have a substantially amount of cash to burn, you enjoy the thrill of a big win and don’t mind the possibility of going bust quickly, then you should play a high variance slot games.

The following are just some examples of High or Medium/High variance slot games you can find on our site:

Wonderland slotsSiberian Storm Slot Icon5 Dragons Slot Icon


Medium Variance Slots

A medium variance slot machine is one where there is a balance between frequent payouts and a decent chance for a massive cash win. These slot games offer a fantastic mix of thrill and longer playing sessions coupled with a decent expected return to players.

Medium variance slot games are recommended for both high risk and penny slot players. Depending on you preferred style of play, you may go for a medium/low or medium/high game and find that they provide great entertainment and attractive cash prizes.

Here at Free Slots UK we cater to different types of players and we make sure to include a good mix of low, medium and high variance slot games for you to check out and play online. You can browse our Slot Game Reviews by “slot variance/risk” by selecting from the top categories located at the top of the page.

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