Not really, this is a common misconception and some people are often under the impression that the casino always wins because players fail to win consistently at the casino.

The main reason why many players don’t win every time in the long run is because the casinos have a mathematical advantage over the players. You may be surprise to learn that the edge that online casinos game over the players is actually not a huge advantage, usually between 0.5% and 8% depending on the game.

Although this mathematical advantage may not seem like much, you must remember that it remains constant for every spin, hand or bet, which means that the odds will indeed favour the casino IN THE LONG RUN.

Learning about the game and knowing how to play will, in some cases, increase your chances of winning, even if it’s only during short periods of time. A perfect example of this is the game Blackjack, where following the basic strategy will greatly improve your chances of winning and thus reduce the house edge.

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