Two of the terms you will surely come across in online gaming are: wagers and stakes.

A Wagers is basically the amount of money placed on bets and it’s most commonly used in online casinos, e.g. wagering requirements of a casino bonus. A stake is frequently used in poker and horse racing bets and it refers to the money risked on a bet or gamble.

To understand how to work out your wagers or stakes, let’s use the following example:

  • You have made a $100 deposit into your player account.
  • You head to the video slots section and bring £1,000 to play Peggle Slots.
  • You place your first bet for £20 and you win £40.
  • You now have £70 in credits and have wagered £20. This is because you risked (staked) £20 in your first bet.
  • Now you place a second bet, this time for £10 and you win £25.
  • You now have £90 in chips and made a profit of £40 so far.

A this point, you have wagered a total of £30 = first bet £20 + second bet £10.

As you can see, the wagered amount is the total amount of money that was staked over this short video slots session.

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